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About us

100% commitment


Sydex was born out of a passion to return recruitment to its traditional roots. We wanted to move away from high volume recruitment and really work in partnership to make finding great hires easy!

We are proud to say we know our industry very well. With over 20 years' experience in recruiting at senior levels, across multiple industries we can talk on your level and get it right first time.

We want long lasting, enjoyable relationships with our clients and candidates so we like to get to know you, but won't live in your pockets. We will be fair on rates, but we also want to make a living.

We also love to keep in touch through that good old fashioned medium of THE PHONE (sorry but no fancy CRM system will ever replace a bit of phone time!)


sydex recruitment about us
sydex recruitment about us

Meet the Director

I love getting placements that feel 'right' for everyone! It's this feeling that has kept me in recruitment for 20 years (and counting!). I truly believe honesty is the best policy, if you are open then things just flow better. I have a lot of energy so when I am not recruiting I am chasing around after 2 children, kickboxing and snowboarding!